Thursday, June 01, 2006

Two Stringed Golf And Refrigerator Bass

This was an instrument that I had great fun with for a long time. The Two Stringed Golf and Refrigerator Bass was played many a night during my stay with Manna Machine. It consists of a cut down refrigerator shelf from our fridge. (I never could get the two liter bottles of pop to stand up in there before that). It also has the shaft from one of them there fancy golf ball pick-err-uppers. This is where the two bass strings run through. The body of the bass was built from some metal parts out of my now defunct vacuum cleaner, not to be mistaken for the vacuum of the acoustic suck. There is also a tube running parallel from the golf tube that has a spring running down the center of it. This was great for feed back and real cool twang noises. The stand of the bass is a beer tap from a bar I worked at. I do like the chrome.

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