Thursday, June 01, 2006

Electro Little Fiddle

This is my first real attempt at trying to document the steps one would take when deciding to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing experimental instrument. I did put a lot of work into the sound design of this particular instrument. There is a sound post placed just under the bridge, and a piece of wood glues on to the underside running length wise that is suppose to pick up more of the bass of the instrument. It also has a contact mic build directly into the belly of this strange beast. The neck was found somewhere close to Niagara Falls. I was in a rental with my brother in-law and the rest just gets a little blurry for that weekend. I also use the same neck piece to repair Alex’s Left Handed Bass, but that’s a story for another day. The rest of the body I built myself. As you can tell it looks something like a triangle. That’s because things with too many curve make me feel uncomfortable. The output is on the left hand side of the instrument, a simple quarter inch output. I do wish I had of put a volume control somewhere.

So plug it in and rock on, or something along those lines. Maybe you’re into Jazz?

Unfortunately I never really got the chance to play, or rather in my case, make horrible screeching cat death like noises. This instrument along with almost all my others is currently hanging in a show I have in Parkdale. The place is called Mitzi’s Sister. It’s a great place to see live bands seven days a week for free. They also have a great permanent collection of art hanging in the music area done by yours truly. Just scroll down this increasing large page to find out which instruments are there.

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