Thursday, June 01, 2006


  • This is a photo of the MV1 that I shot at my opening at Mitzi's Sister. Again, one would think that after two years in a intensive photography program at Sheridan Collage that I would be able to take a good photo of some of these beasties. Ah well. Since then the instrument has hung in the Margaret Brewery Gallery of the Harbourfront Center, it was then transported to my local called Mezzrows where it hangs along with a few other instruments behind the band stage.

Another great shot by David Sait of the MV1 taken at the Gladstone. This angle really shows off the claw and glass sphere table leg that tony gave me.
The MV1 actually stands for the name of the instrument that I got the string idea from, but like most things, I just can't remember. One day it will come to me. Hopefully.
Ingredients for the MV1
Scrap wood paneling from a basement I demolished
Six hand carved pegs to hold the strings in the bottom
18 tuning pegs
12 sympathetic strings
4 drone strings
2 main strings I play with a slide and Ebow
1 Hand carved neck made from pine
21 aluminum handmade frets
1 really nice pickup that Alex gave me
1 really nice contact pickup that Brian gave to me
1 three way toggle switch.
A volume and a tone nob
And lastly a really cool table leg that Tony gave me that really just brings the whole instrument together.
Too bad i messed the wiring up and neither of the pick ups work. Now I just play it with a contact mic that gets taped to the bridge. Once I get the MV1 back it will get a good old re-wiring.

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