Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tony's Erhu

This is an instrument I made for my good friend Tony one year for Christmas. Tony always brings me pleasant musical surprises. Many of the instruments on this page have little pieces of Tony in them. The instrument was based on an ancient Chinese instrument called an Erhu.
That’s where the name comes from. Sometimes I’m not that creative when naming my sculptures. So Tony’s Erhu is what it’s called. I have since built many different pieces with the Erhu design in mind. This was the only one out of the group that actually followed the Erhu principals. Here is a nice photo I took of Tony one late night in my kitchen after many attempts at finding the right kind of beer bottle to use as a slide. Unfortunately we were drinking beer in cans, but that didn’t stop us.
Tony is the fiddle player in a band called
The Backstabbers. Just click on there name to check out there web site.

photo by iner souster

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