Thursday, June 01, 2006

Three Springed Bass

This was an instrument I built some years ago that had great potential. It all seems to fall apart in the end, maybe I just lost interest when all was said and done. Or maybe I needed the tuning pegs for Alex's Left Handed Bass.
Either way this instrument now only exists in the realm of cyber space. The idea was neat. I had just started working with springs. The Vornado and the many variations of the Sunflowers of Death had some. The Larksichord had a big one running down the center inside the instrument. So you get my point. I was into springs at the time. So a three springed bass is what I made. In the photo the instrument looks kind of neat, but in reality in was not so neat at all. The thing was hacked together. My abilities to manipulate metals had not yet been refined. The springs at best were barely controllable. And, to top it all off, you really couldn't tune the beast. All in all it had to be destroyed. It did get its moment in the sun as a piece in the show I did at the Joseph D. Carrier Gallery in the Columbus Centre.

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