Thursday, June 01, 2006

Metal Tambura

Metal Tambura, Metal Tambura. Over, and over again.

This instrument sounds great with a slide and a contact mic. Made from a serving plate I found at the Goodwill, an aluminum tube I cut in half, and various scavenged guitar parts, and my favorite, the salad bowl. Yes sir I love those salad bowls. Really, I love salad bowls for some bizarre reason. I based this instrument completely on the Tambura. The length of the neck was measured out from some schematics I found on the internet, along with the placement, and amount of strings. The bridge placement was measured back from the nut. I don't really know why there are two nuts up there, or if I really did base that on a real Tambura. I could be making all this stuff up. I'm not really all that sure that anybody will even read these things.

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josé said...

I am reading.
I like your ideas.
Some of them really nice.