Thursday, June 01, 2006

Metal Gopichand

I found this instrument in a pile of trash in my space room. It was something I built many years ago and forgotten about. When I found it had about ten useless strings on it. Five different speakers place at various points on the instrument that I wired all together in hopes of finding some interesting kind of pick up, that didn’t work at all. For the most part I would stay away from using a speaker as a microphone, but experiment, on the rare occasion it does work like with the Sunflower of Death. I also used a contact mic with the Sunflower. There were also three tin cans with racket balls mounted in them to be used with sticks. These sucked, they really, really sucked. So after I found this mess I was ready to just throw it out. It wasn’t until I was half way through striping it for screws, nuts and bolts that I realized the Metal Gopichand could be built back into its original idea. I often find that if I work on something too long I end up over doing the instrument, or any form of art for that matter. Sometimes simplicity is best. I know it is a simple instrument, but it’s easy to build, and you can get some neat sounds out of it. All you have to do is pluck the string and apply pressure to the two arms, squeezing them in and out as you pluck.

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