Thursday, June 01, 2006


The MV2 is an instrument who construction was inspired by a junked ceiling fan I saw in the garbage one snowy grey afternoon. Not wanting to carry it home in such misserable weather I decided to leave it for the garbageman. All that evening I kept thinking to myself I should have grabbed that peice of junk. Sure enough the next day I was driving down that same street with my boss and I saw one of the fan blades poking through a snow bank. Jules pulled over, I jumped out and threw it into the back of the truck. After work I decided against our ritual post work pint in favour of getting home and peicing together my new find with a not so successful first attempt of rebuilding the MV1 It all came together in one long, but rewarding evening.
The MV2 is constructed of:
1 stailess steel salad bowl
1 brass ceiling fan cover
A crome plated hot and cold shower plate
A handcarved stainless steel fret board (it was my first fret board which took over ten hours to cut and place the frets in)
18 tunning pegs
12 sympathetic strings
4 drone stings
2 open strings
The back of the MV2 is held together by the back of an old chair that Fiddler Tony gave me.
The head was crved out of a peice of scap pine I hade laying around, which was then covered by a metal plate I found on an old sewing machine.

The MV2 was shown at the delinuquente strumenti show in march 2005.

Mathew Cook who shot the photo is now the owner of the MV2

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