Thursday, June 01, 2006

The New Larksichord

I rebuilt this from the old Larksichord when I realized that my wood working skills had most definitely needed some work. I am much happier with this new version.
The wood bridge is place there so you can play either side of the strings, plucking one side while adding pressure to the other side. The bottom part of the Larksichord is equipped with two guitar pick ups. The top half of the instrument is designed to be played acoustically.
Above to the left you can see a close up of the face plate with its two guitar pick ups off set from one another
Below on the far left is a close up of the hand made head stock.
Beside that are the three sound holes on the acoustic side of the Larcksichord.

The Larksichord is made up
1 very large old Lark hairdryer
Some kind of large cooking plate
A crumb tray from a stove top element
12 tuning pegs
12 guitar strings
1 completely useless knob which I have no idea why I put it in there.

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