Thursday, June 01, 2006

David's Bain

This is one of the older stringed instruments I have built, right along side the six stringed chicken cooker in black in fact. It was my first experience with multiple string tension. I finally understood what that rod did, and having something solid to mount the neck onto would have helped immensely. The body was from an factory light which was roughly thirty inches in diameter. The face plate is another of those round cooking sheets, with a grease catcher from a stove top in the center. The neck was from an old guitar obviously, it was something Jen had given me for Christmas one year. She had given me a few guitar necks, some car horns, and a whole wack of cool instrument building things. I’m the only person I know that gets excited about getting junk for Christmas. So far this really doesn’t have much to do with the instrument. The reason why I call this one David’s Bain is because right before a show a few years ago David was at home trying the impossible, tuning the instrument up. He pulled all the mussels in his lower back trying to reach over the body of the great large beast. The instrument was retired at that point. Not only was it minimally functional, but now it turned out to be dangerous.

photo by iner souster

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