Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wok Star

Well I am sorry to say that this instrument didn’t quite work out as well as I wanted. I do love the way it looks and how it sounds, but the body is too weak to support the tension of the strings. I may have to devise some sort of post to run through the body. As you may have guessed from the title of this piece that this instruments body is made from a wok. At one point I was going to try a hammer the wok out into a cymbal, but that just seemed like way to much work. Moving right along, the face plate is a serving plate I found at a junk shop out west. I am really starting to like those things and you can find them everywhere. The bridge is the handle of an old alarm clock I found at a Salvation Army, which I also love.

So all that aside, even though the instrument is practically impossible to tune, the sounds I get out of it are pretty neat. With just an open strum and some pressure on the neck, you can get a really nice eerie drone out of it. Having the wok really helps it resonate. Maybe I should leave it as it is and rename it to the bend and drone.

Here are some comments that were left for this instrument.

missy_2_shoes said...

...I wonder if Ancient Chinease Secret could be persuaded to play this? Very cool, right down to the name.

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