Saturday, November 04, 2006

So this instrument is badly in need of a name. Anybody out there with any ideas, please, help me out here.

I made this out of scrap pieces of wood from the larger scrap pieces of wood that I get from job sites, the streets of Parkdale, and furniture my friends and family give me. I do like to use salvaged material. It’s my way of making me feel better about all my other sins, and trust me folks, there are many. The tuning pegs came of a coat rack that I obviously dismantled. I have been quoted as saying “I don’t believe in hanging coats” It’s true. The round things on the head of this instrument were wooden cupboard knobs. Is that not fascinating? Wow.

My Oblique Strategy for this instrument was Discard an axiom

So far only two entries have been submitted for the “it kind of looks Greek” instrument
1. “NonSpoon” by The Lone Guitarist
2. “Euclid's Beltbuckle” posted by Anonymous, but I think I know who it is. I’m looking in Warwick’s general direction
I’m still waiting for the one that jumps out and grabs me. I am leaning slightly towards Wicks choice right now.
Two more to add to the list
3. "Mjollner" by thefirstbardo
4. "Balabanjo" "Banjolaika" and " Fuckaranjolaika" these three entries were by Alex_n
5. Somebody going by the name of Felix the Cat has suggested the TriLyre. This one is growing on me.

Here are some of the comments that were left for the odd instrument.

The Lone Guitarist said...

I think you should call it the NonSpoon because it isnt a spoon. Theres no logic in there so dont try and look for any lol. keep up the inspirational work

Anonymous said...

How bout 'Euclid's Beltbuckle'
because Euclid was the father of geometry (and it is quite a geometric object), and beltbuckle because, well, because it isn't I guess.

ThefirstBardo said...

Something having to do with Mjollner, Thor's hammer. But that would be Norse, not Greek. So hpw about the Norse Hammer or better yet, The Nørdic Håmmer.

alex_n said...

Looks like a fore-shortened Balalaika and a fucked up banjo had a kid...with rivets!


Felix the Cat said...

How about TriLyre. A lyre is a Greek instrument related to the harp, but hell, who cares, if you dig the name.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks Russian. And it reminds me of a super-sleek jet fighter, but it's too long for a fighter. Oh, wait — I've got it:




tw2sheds said...

Picasso's ukulele

crispy said... seems to me that (as someone else pointed out), since it bears some resemblance to a might want to go with something in that direction...your balalaika's like a bala, but not exactly a balalaike.

so...there you are! the picture above to me is clearly identifiable as a "likeabala!"

your instruments and fauxbots are AMAZING by the way - all the best,

shayne gray